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Iphone Features

  • LIVE

    Exclusive on CoolStreaming 2.1 try LIVE. Watch music,sport,general tv. Many channels update in REAL time. This search is a exclusive CoolStreaming


    Over 500 web-radio update in real time. Listen radio: techno,dance,80s,90s,country and more genre


    Trailers movies always update. Including 10 Country. All Trailers are in HD Quality.


    Api fast speed [only 0.4s]
    Live events always update
    Best channels update any day
    Facebook Check-in.
    Add your Favorite
    Search your prefer channel

Mobile Products CoolStreaming


Last version released is 2.1.
Go to Offficial Site for more information


The Best Application tv for IPAD. Last version released is 1.3
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SmartPhone & Tablet

The Best Application tv for Android Smartphone/Tablet.
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Advertising on CoolStreaming Mobile

Promote your Channel - Event Tv - Spot On CoolStreaming Ipad - Iphone - Android Smarthphone - Android Tablet
CoolStreaming can offer 4 mobile solution for Promote your Event or Channel. Our applications receives over 100,000 requests in total per day, and millions of impressions to month!. Visit our Mobile Section for more details

Best F.A.Q Support

You can find best f.a.q for all products iphone,ipad, android.

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